Welcome to the official website for Alpha Kappa Omicron Sorority

“A Sister is a Forever Friend”

Alpha Kappa Omicron is a Pilipino-American sorority based on the history,traditions, and culture of the Philippines. This sorority is dedicated to the development of community awareness, self-empowerment, and academic excellence. Each Individual is enriched through community involvement, strong leadership, and achieved success in a higher educational system.

"AKO" in tagalog means me, so within this organization it is not only about the sisterhood its about you as an individual and gaining the support to meet your own personal success and educational goals. We represent strength, loyalty, pride, wisdom, and courage in every aspect of our organization.

Congratulations to ALL our new sisters:

Fall 2013 - Omicron Class - Alpha Chapter, SFSU

Fall 2013 - Eta Class - Beta Chapter, CSUEB

Fall 2013 - Delta Class - Gamma Chapter, SJSU

Check out our Spring 2012 Rush Schedule:

SF State - Check back for upcoming rush schedule.

CSUEB - Check back for upcoming rush schedule.

SJSU - Check back for upcoming rush schedule.

If you want to know more information about our sorority please email:

Alpha Chapter - San Francisco State University: ako_sfsu@yahoo.com

Beta Chapter - California State University, East Bay: akomicronbeta@gmail.com

Gamma Chapter - San Jose State University: Akogammachapter@gmail.com